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During the wet weather the field gets wet and boggy, there is a real danger of bogging down so please do not drive on the grass stay on the hard core. Vehicles must only be parked in the allotted parking area.

Visitors wishing to fly at the clubs flying site will be at the invitation of a club member with committee approval. Guests must produce evidence of appropriate BMFA insurance. A maximum of two visits per guest per year is allowed.

A model of 20kgs weight for which CAA exemption is a statutory requirement must not be flown at the club’s flying site unless proof of a CAA exemption has been given to the committee.

All models to be effectively silenced to the standard BMFA recommended noise level of 82db or better, any model failing to meet this requirement will not be permitted to fly.

Flying at the site will only be permitted on 35Mhz and 2.4Ghz.

No transmitter will be turned on until you have your frequency tag from the board. All tags will be returned to the board when you are finished flying.

The continuous running or testing of engines in the pit area is not allowed.

All pilots must show their correct frequency pennant on their transmitter aerials at all times.

With the exception of an instructor or helper, only members engaged in flying are permitted at the flying area. All other members and spectators are to remain in the prescribed    areas allocated by the safety officer.

The maximum number of planes flying at any one time is strictly limited to four.

There is no flying allowed over the pits, spectator area or car park. All flying must take place North of the pilot stand.

An instructor or a senior member must accompany junior members, under the age of 17 years, at the flying area.

No solo flying is allowed by inexperienced pilots, we have instructors who will give you tuition with the help of a buddy lead system

All pilots must stand in the allotted flight safety area when flying.

Prior to their maiden flight an instructor or experienced senior club member must check over all planes for airworthiness.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, no minors are allowed on the field otherwise, club members will not be responsible for minors who are unsupervised and pets must be kept under strict control by their owners.